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37 : album of rebirth

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A need for liberation

This is the story of a man trapped in a life that is no longer his and who one day wakes up and finally acts to (re) take charge of his destiny. This story is that of Ilyès Yangui. The one he reveals to us and gives us in this album, 37.

An experience that is both personal and eminently universal. How many of us are asleep? How many of us are locked into lives that are no longer ours and that, however, we accept? No one is forcing us: in fact, we are condemning ourselves. 37 rings the alarm clock: it is that moment of catharsis, where one realizes all that is not suitable and the imperative need to listen to oneself in order to become oneself again ... to breathe again, finally.

From there, everything becomes possible: instinct and intuitions take back their rights to reconstruct a truly original reality. Our intimate, deep reality.

Personal experience

With 37, Ilyès Yangui shares, in a sensitivity imbued with optimism, this very personal moment when everything changed in his life. This birthday, his 37th birthday, when he realizes what is and what can no longer be. A totally subversive moment, when consciousness becomes revolt. Like a cry of liberation which asserts itself like a revelation without hatred but resolutely turned towards an authentic future. This personal point of no return will be just as much musically ... with 37.

A musical revelation

Mixing alternative influences, pop, rock and blues, 37 reveals the full extent of this personal deliverance through his music. Refusing to shut himself up, Ilyès Yangui brings out all his creativity in this album thanks to this "overflow" of emotions. Here, his sensitivity and mindfulness become the engines of his inspiration. While technique is still fundamental to him, his emotions become both a source of inspiration and a deep need for expression. He frees himself through his creations. This is his means of expression, his way of testifying.

His primary aspiration is no longer this unattainable musical perfection, but to let go of this pressure, which forces all artists, and to follow his intuitions, to release his emotions and unleash his creativity. In a nutshell: fulfillment as an artist, as it is fulfilled in his personal life as a man. From then on, his creativity rejoices ... after his first title Never Wondered, all the others follow one another, like a release. This is why Ilyès Yangui wanted to stick to the authenticity of his emotions by using all the instruments that inspired him: guitar, bass, drums, piano, ukulele, mandolin, synthesizer from the early 1980s ...

Freed, emancipated but, also, always modest, he expresses himself here in English, on 37, as if to mitigate the violence of the expression of his feelings and his hopes.

This testimony, so intimate, ultimately offers us a simple message, which we too often forget: "regardless of the consequences, follow our intuition, listen to each other, become aware of what we are missing by staying asleep".

1 - Take me to jail


3 - You cant believe

4 - Angel

5 - She needs birds

6 - Never wondered

7 - You are too greedy

8 - The rumor

9 - Who cares

10 - Desert sand

11 - Sunday morning

12 - Dance

13 - Love on my bones

14 - A travel in my father s eyes

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