An  emotion

Songwritter, performer, Ilyès Yangui has a personal universe full of sincerity. It is a true inner experience that he invites us to share ...

His inner experience: between a heart full of love, dizziness of revolt and sensitive awareness of his humanity.

Writing and music allow Ilyès Yangui to find himself and to find himself, with authenticity, finally in front of himself. Words and sounds become outlets that free him from his emotions. It reveals itself and therefore delivers itself through emotions, the variety and diversity of which allow everyone to find a part of themselves.


Artist of exalted authenticity, Ilyès Yangui only shapes his creations with an emotional approach: his own and that of his audience. So he's used to playing some of his new tracks live, before even considering producing an album.

A true time of communion, he invites his audience to enter into the intimacy of his creation. An heavenly moment for Ilyès Yangui, it is also an opportunity for him to taste the feelings of the people who have come to listen to him, to touch their enthusiasm.

A sharing

If the themes are a reflection of his inspiration ... the music naturally imposes itself. Plural, Ilyès Yangui cannot be enclosed in a single register. The richness of his styles carries his emotion and enriches the generosity of his universe; Plural, Ilyès Yangui writes, composes and plays all the instruments on the album.

He is also an artist whose need for sharing is illustrated through his relationship with the public and his various collaborations with talented artists. Artists from diverse backgrounds whom he appreciates and respects, both personally and musically, and whom he invites to participate in his creations. Its only requirements: the enjoyment of creation and the exaltation of a shared pleasure.

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